Salad For President

Salad for President

Psssst!  Lettuce tell you about Salad For President - our new favourite website with the best name ever. Salad for President is a super-cool online platform where the worlds of food and art collide. Blogger Julia Sherman merges her artistic…

Jacob Richler Loves Tacos

Jacob Richler Loves Tacos

When it comes to tacos, Jacob Richler suggests that you keep it real. If you believe in the supremacy of some new fusion pork-belly-and-kimchee taco that’s all the rage at your trendy, local, Brooklynesque taco stand, forget about it. Clear…

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants Celebrates At Nota Bene

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants Celebrates at Nota Bene

A good time was had by all at the Canada's 100 Best party at Nota Bene on Tuesday night. Despite the over-the-top snowfall, the gorgeous room was at maximum capacity as guests enjoyed fried oysters, steak tartare, homemade buffalo mozzarella…

Essential Chef’s Tools

Essential Chef’s Tools

Every cook needs the right tools and electronics to bring their A-game to meal prep and entertaining. With professional-grade appliances and culinary techniques from the world’s top chefs increasingly available in the modern home kitchen, there’s no shortage of opportunities to amplify time…

Naturally Better Steak

Naturally better steak

While the WHO may have recently warned of the risks of red meat, it really comes down to your choice of source The World Health Organization’s recent pronouncement that red meat causes cancer should be taken with a grain of…

Interview With Chef Massimo Bottura

Interview with Chef Massimo Bottura

Canada’s 100 Best sits down with Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana—recently named second overall on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants sponsored by S. Pellegrino—to talk training, humility and narrowly avoiding crucifixion.

Lost In Translation

Lost in Translation

Why is it that while most cuisines taste best in the place that they originate, Italian cooking transcends climate and geography so effortlessly?

Preserving Canada’s Natural Delicacies

Preserving Canada’s natural delicacies

At a crowded outdoor café tucked in behind the Vancouver Aquarium, in Stanley Park, Alexis Brown—from their Marine Science Centre—and research scientist Laurenne Schiller were having a spirited go at explaining the ins and outs of assessing the sustainability of…

Nine Canadian Restaurants Make World’s 1,000 Best List

Nine Canadian restaurants make world’s 1,000 best list

Canada has attained nine spots on the inaugural list of the world's 1,000 best restaurants. LA LISTE, a Paris-based website created to rank the best restaurants in the world, published its first list on Dec. 17. A restaurant's ranking was…

Drink Outside The Box For The Holidays

Drink outside the box for the holidays

Reed Pettit, bar manager at Miss Thing’s — a Polynesian restaurant in Toronto’s West Queen West — suggests three cocktails for the holidays that offer a warming echo of summer.