West Coast Fishing Club

Jacob Richler’s last day at the West Coast Fishing Club’s annual David Hawksworth & Friends Culinary Adventure reels in the big fish. And food.

Day 4: The weather continued to hold, as we clocked a fourth, straight rain-free day. And the fishing continued to pick up. At day’s end, there were four Tyees on the board. But all the talk was about David Bickford’s – which tipped the scaled at 58 pounds.

west coast fishing clubA champion fish – much discussed as Dino and Mark Davidson’s slung cocktails primed the crowd for Hawksworth’s10th-anniversary dinner.

West Coast Fishing ClubIt began with simplicity and lightness, with a perfect summer tomato salad dressed with a pistachio-spiked salsa verde – nicely paired with a Gardet NV champagne.

Roast sablefish with onion velouté and shaved Tasmanian black winter truffle

Then a showstopper: Roast sablefish with onion velouté and shaved Tasmanian black winter truffle.

west coast fishing clubNext, duck breast, crisp-skinned and roasted pink, plated with tender, juicy and delicate Tokyo turnips, pan-roasted oyster mushrooms and XO sauce.

duckAnd for a perfect end note – roasted sweet cherries over yoghurt ice cream, matched to a Tokaj from Chateau Dereszla.

Another ten years, please.west coast fishing club

The 2017 West Coast Fishing Club Culinary Adventure runs at The Clubhouse July 16 to 20.