Donna Dooher, CEO Of Restaurants Canada

Celebrating Canada’s Best Recipes

Editor-in-chief Jacob Richler and Publisher Geoffrey Dawe welcomed valued clients and guests to celebrate the launch of Canada's 100 Best Cooking Issue, released Nov. 18. This special edition features recipes from Canada's best chefs who share the recipes that changed…

Eating In Eden

Eating in Eden

While many Caribean countries have been slow to follow North America’s embrace of local, organic cooking, Cayman has proven to be an exception. It’s been doing its collective best to follow this and other forward-thinking dining trends—and with panache. The…

Canadian Cheese On Top

Canadian Cheese On Top

Perfect Pairing. Chefs share a special relationship with their butchers — so, we asked them to create dishes that showed off what’s possible when the two work in unison — and then paired the result to an award-winning Jacob’s Creek wine.
Introducing The Cooking Issue

Introducing the Cooking Issue

The inaugural issue of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants was so well received that we decided to expand our offering. So, the restaurant ranking issue will continue to be published annually in March, and each fall we will publish the Cooking…

Julia Child’s French Kitchen Is Now For Sale

Julia Child’s French kitchen is now for sale

La Pitchoune, the French holiday home of culinary legend Julia Child, is now on the market. Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty recently listed the four-bedroom, four-bathroom property near Grasse, France, about a 30-minute drive from Cannes. La Pitchoune contains the…

Glenfiddich Releases 50-Year-Old Scotch In Vancouver

Glenfiddich Releases 50-Year-Old Scotch in Vancouver

While Glenfiddich aged one of its rarest whiskies for 50 years, the lone bottle available in Canada only took a few minutes to sell. The distillery released the $36,000 bottle of its 50-year-old scotch in Vancouver on Nov. 7. Bruce…

Chef David Gunawan Transforms Food Waste Into Fine Dining

Chef David Gunawan transforms food waste into fine dining

Chef David Gunawan is aiming to prove what is usually considered a chef’s trash is still a treasure for a kitchen. Gunawan will transform food scraps and underutilized off-cuts into a five-course menu at Royal Dinette in Vancouver on Nov.…

Zucca Trattoria

Zucca Trattoria

As Zucca Trattoria approaches its 20th anniversary, the Midtown restaurant continues to serve as a destination for modern Italian cuisine.