Derek Dammann’s Roast Capon With Black Truffle And Brioche

Derek Dammann’s Roast Capon with Black Truffle and Brioche

For this occasion, capon is my roasting bird of choice. First, because it is a suitable size for a gathering…

David McMillan’s Old English Quebec Christmas

David McMillan’s old English Quebec Christmas

Montreal in the 1800s had a lot of manufacturing and industry The St. Lawrence Seaway was the highway and a…

Derek Dammann’s Stuffing With Sage And Chestnuts

Derek Dammann’s Stuffing with Sage and Chestnuts

Stuffing with sage and chestnuts I choose not to stuff large birds as they take too long to cook when…

Derek Dammann’s Chicken Wing Gravy

Derek Dammann’s Chicken Wing Gravy

Chicken Wing Gravy This can be made ahead of time and frozen to make life easier on the big day.…

Risotto With Crispy Salami And Rapini

Risotto with Crispy Salami and Rapini

Try this delicious Piller’s variation on classic Italian risotto.

Crispy Salami Carbonara

Crispy Salami Carbonara

Your family will love Piller’s tasty variation on pasta carbonara.

Pepper Crusted Spinach And Candied Shallot Beef Roulade With Vodka Choron Sauce

Pepper crusted spinach and candied shallot beef roulade with vodka choron sauce

Roulade Four 4 oz beef tenderloin centre cut 120 g washed, chopped raw spinach 1 clove garlic, peeled and minced…

Risotto Alla Genovese

Risotto alla Genovese

At George Brown, the dish I most enjoyed cooking—and eating—was risotto. Specifically, risotto alla Genovese. My roommate and I were always making…

Salt Cod & Tomato

Salt Cod & Tomato

I grew up in the small fishing village of Blandford, Nova  Scotia, eating lots of traditional local foods like herring, eel, mussels,…

Clear Thyme Collins

Clear Thyme Collins

2 dashes angostura bitters 1 egg white

Beachcomber’s Sour

Beachcomber’s Sour

1.5 oz Mount Gay Eclipse Rum 1 oz Don’s mix* 0.5 oz simple syrup