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46. Canis – CLOSED

The beautiful presentation of sourdough, butter, ricotta and carrots sets the mood for the rest of the Canadian ingredient-driven dishesall plated with an artist’s eye. The 10-piece tasting menu is a steal. We suggest opting for the global wine pairings. Then easing in for an evening in the hands of Chef Jeff Kang, who came to Toronto from Vancouver (where he cooked at Diva at the Met) to work at Bosk at the Shangri-La. When he left a few years back to open Canis he set minds and tastebuds alight. Canis is unique in its Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood: it has the longest tasting menu and the tiniest dining room. Every seat affords a clear view of Kang and Chef de Cuisine Tosh Agassiz at work in the open kitchen. Expect them to deliver tender sweetbreads with caramelized onions and cumin, a foie gras tart, a beet salad with pops of acidity and smoothness from goat cheese, almonds and mint. There’s pork with peanuts, halibut with lovageand a sunchoke, maple syrup and brown butter dessert. It’s all contextual, textural and incredibly delicious.


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