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Nespresso Coffee Tips For The Connoisseur

Nespresso is Coffee for the Connoisseur.  In celebration of Nespresso’s 30th anniversary, Canada’s 100 Best paid a visit to Berlin to explore the coffee company’s roots via a series of hosted workshops.

To paraphrase Shakespeare: a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but espresso served in a plastic cup certainly wouldn’t taste as delicious.  We spent the day being educated on the experiential elements of coffee at the 100-year old atelier Fabrik 23. This incredible industrial loft is among the most impressive in Berlin and was singled out in 2014 by Architectural Digest for its interior design.

Here’s what we learned:  in the same way that sommeliers tout the importance of the shape of glass what your coffee cup is made of also has an impact on the quality and taste of the coffee.

The workshops focussed on what constitutes the perfect cup of coffee. In order to ensure that experience, proper design and technology are needed. To maximize the taste and scent of coffee, it’s ideal to taste a fresh brew in a glass specifically designed for the purpose. That’s where Riedel’s partnership with Nespresso comes into play.

The shape and size of the new Reveal Collection are designed to maximize the sensory experience of its Grand Cru.

For the connoisseur keen to please guests, this glassware takes the coffee experience to another level. Your friends will not only be drawn to the heavenly scent of the Nespresso being brewed, but the experience will be heightened by drinking it from this innovative collection designed for the sole purpose of delivering  the definitive coffee experience.

REVEAL Nespresso
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