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Concept Hybrids Let You Sip While You Shop

by Anna Cipollone

Whether it’s coffee or cocktails, retail and dining out have merged in some surprising and innovative ways as of late. We’ve seen more and more shops hop on the hot bevvy trend, with signature cafés built right into the boutique, and salons that pamper you during dinner with friends. We’ve come to relish the unconventional, and appreciate a pairing we might never have imagined. With a food culture that revels in making a spectacle, we expect many more restaurants to find a balance between crafting rare culinary experiences while savoring all the extras.

Ambience is everything at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, where a beauty salon, boutique and bar all live in harmony under one roof. Guests can sip fizzy cocktails at the nail bar or get a blow out before browsing the racks. For those who wish to hold court, Her Majesty’s Pleasure reigns as Toronto’s purveyor of contemporary experiences that are anything but day-to-day.

Montreal’s Frank & Oak, meanwhile, merges men’s clothing with an in-house barbershop and café. With six locations across Canada, style advisors are on call to offer personal consultations while you hum and haw over a new doo. As you submit yourself to the shears, the ever-alluring scent of fresh espresso is sure to entice you to stay just a little bit longer.

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