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World Fish Supply in Dire Straits

Current global fishing fleets are two to three times what the oceans can support. A recent report by the World Wildlife Federation states that at the rate global fishing is going, all species currently fished for consumption could be depleted by…

Entertaining Tips from Canada’s Best Chefs

If you’re not going to pull out the stops and do some serious cooking and entertaining over the holidays, then when will you? If you are inexperienced, or just need a little help pulling the big feast together,  we've put…

Cooking Rules

Holiday Cooking Rules

Follow these cooking rules, our chefs’ recipes and your instincts, and you and your guests will eat very well indeed. Unless otherwise specified, all salt is Kosher. All pepper is freshly ground and black. All butter is unsalted. Flour is always all-purpose.…

Hangover Cures

Pedialyte & Other Miraculous Hangover Cures

Alexandra Gill uncovers chefs’ remedies for the dreaded crise de foie. The medical community would 
have us believe that la crise de foie
 is a mythic malady, on par with Joni Mitchell’s mysterious Morgellons disease. Experienced gourmands know better. Though…

Au Pied De Cochon Tourtière

Au Pied De Cochon Tourtière is coming to Toronto

Au Pied de Cochon's Tourtière is justifiably famous. If you're just not into turkey or ham this year and live in Toronto, putting a memorable holiday meal on the table just got a whole lot easier. You can order the…

Todd Perrin

Todd Perrin’s Traditional Newfoundland Pudding

According to chef Todd Perrin, what most people eat on Thanksgiving or Christmas, a lot of Newfoundlanders will have every Sunday. Figgy duff is just what you make when you have a bunch of family and friends over. It’s a… Brings the Best Holiday Food to Your Doorstep

What would the holidays be without festive culinary delights? You can make this holiday season your merriest ever by sidestepping the aisles and ordering delicious, can't-get-it-anywhere-else gourmet foods (including your holiday bird) online. Established in 1995, Le Maitre D' +…

Spiced Brandied Apple

Festive Spirits: Spiced Brandied Apple

It doesn't get any more festive than this holiday-perfect cocktail from BarChef's Frankie Solarik. In our dreams, we're enjoying his Spiced Brandied Apple cocktail while sitting beside a fire on a snowy afternoon.  That said, we'd be happy to sip…

Dining In Style

Mission Hill, with its gorgeous architecture, award winning wines and spectacular Terrace Restaurant has become the go-to winery in British Columbia—and coin tosses are no longer required.

Michael Hunter’s Baby Squid & Zucchini with Amalfi Lemon

In chef Michael Hunter’s recipe, baby squid, one of the mainstays of Venetian cuisine—along with baby octopus—is prepared with two other quintessentially Italian ingredients. Baby Squid and Zucchini with Amalfi Lemon From Antler Chef Michael Hunter INGREDIENTS 500 grams baby…

Vikram Vij’s Gelouti Kebabs

I grew up in Old Delhi, where the Muslims lived, and the street vendors would make these kebabs during Diwali. Even though the Festival of Lights was a celebration of prosperity, my father never believed in spending money on frivolous…


Dreamy Barbados Has It All

It’s a given that colder nights inspire dreams of sunny locations like Barbados. If you’re looking for a place to shake off winter, why not look at Barbados? Barbados is known for many things: powdery white beaches, turquoise waters and…

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