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Halloween Baking With The Domestic Gothess

Want to elevate your Halloween menu beyond black, white and orange? You need to meet the Domestic Gothess.

Birmingham UK food blogger Hannah Hossacktaken is the Domestic Gothess.  She takes Halloween baking into epic Tim Burton territory with these 3 mindblowing confections.  Bake if you dare.

This Halloween Haunted Pavlova is spookily impressive with its meringue ghosts and bones, cookie soil and berry coulis blood.

This Mini Bleeding Heart Cake is a tribute to baker Lily Vanilli. She designed the hearts as an anti-Valentine cake. Red velvet layer cake with a cascade of ganache ‘blood’ would make Morticia Addams proud.

This Meringue Bone Palace Cake is a chocolate cake filled with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and raspberry jam, covered in meringue bones with berry coulis ‘blood.”

For these recipes and more, go to DomesticGothess. Or else.

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