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The Taste of Tradition

Conceived as the ultimate showcase for products and ingredients made in Italy, the first-ever Settimana Della Cucina Italiana di Qualita, this past November, Canada’s 100 Best celebrated International Italian Cuisine Week with these leading restaurants below.

International Italian Cuisine Week reflects the country’s commitment to serving as a global ambassador for its food products and fine dining, in Canada and around the world. The event promises to educate an international audience on the superior quality of all food products certified under the distinguished accreditations DOP/IGP. As part of the celebration, Canada’s 100 Best and select restaurants in Canada’s four major cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa) will create a bespoke menu using Authentic Italian food products. Taste Italy’s vibrant food culture at one of our recommended restaurants, or try one of these recipes at home using this exclusive collection of authentic Italian products available in Canada. Buon Appetito!

Renowned for its beauty, rich cultural history and agricultural bounty, Italy’s longstanding role as a global leader in the culinary world remains fiercely intact. Italian cuisine differs from province to province and is strongly characterized by its regional  influences and proximity to either the seaside or the mountains. And with unique cultivating and processing traditions still honoured to this day, Italy’s native food products are coveted international exports. After all, Italy boasts over 800 protected foods—the highest in the EU—and is Canada’s top European supplier of foods and beverages.

DOP and IGP guarantee high-quality foods made in Italy

In recognition of the authentic foods of Italy, the following certifications are prominent on the labels of local products. The European Union certifies high-quality foods using two different certifications: DOP and IGP. Producers must adhere to rigid guidelines to use the logos that have become synonymous with quality.

DOP or Denominazione di Origine Protetta translates as “Protected Designation of Origin,” meaning this guarantees that the food was made by local farmers and artisans using traditional methods. Only DOP products are permitted to use the word “traditional” on labeling.

IGP or Indicazione Geografica Protetta translates as “Indication of Geographic Protection,” and though not as rigid a certification as DOP, it still guarantees at least one phase in production can be traced back to the geographical origin.

This past November, Canada’s 100 Best celebrated International Italian Cuisine Week with these leading restaurants below.

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