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Your Junk Food Habit Is Worse Than Anything

Your junk food habit has climbed the ladder of the deadliest vices.

Malnutrition, from deficiencies to obesity, is on the rise worldwide. A report by Glopan has found poor dietary conditions are the leading risk to public health, more so than alcohol, drugs, tobacco and unsafe sex practices combined.  According to the report’s findings,  risk factors stemming from poor diet (cholesterol levels, high blood pressure) led to poor health and death more often than the risk factors from vices like smoking or drug use.

The report estimates one in three people worldwide have poor diets. While starvation is still a major factor in delayed development in children, as well as childhood illness and death, obesity rates are growing at a rapid pace. The global obese population is estimated to increase to 3.3 billion, almost three times the 1.3 billion it was estimated as in 2005.

So if you’d rather beat ’em than join ’em, maybe think twice the next time you’ve got the urge to do the drive-thru.


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