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Happy 70th King Cole Ducks!

Good farmers make good food and we are proud of our farming legacy through four generations of our family.

We celebrate our 70th Anniversary knowing our commitment to quality and our passion for farming has made King Cole an iconic brand here at home and around the world.

From R&D, breeding, hatching, growing, processing, cooking and transportation, we do it all ourselves to ensure the ultimate in product quality and traceability. Zero Waste. Gluten-free. No growth hormones or stimulants. No preservatives, colouring or additives. Flocks raised in large spacious barns on natural grains and unlimited fresh water. In other words, food you can trust.

Our extensive range of products provides customers with something unique for any menu: raw boneless duck breasts, duck legs, duck crowns, whole ducks,  smoked boneless breast, peppered-smoked breasts, duck spiedini skewers, pulled duck meat, confit duck legs, duck sausage, duck burgers, duck salami, Asian 8-spice breast, Korean smoked sliced half duck, sous-vide duck wings, rendered duck fat, along with specialty parts such as duck hearts, gizzards, liver and more.

Duck has been a rising star on menus all across Canada as more consumers want something different and unique. From breakfast to lunch, appetizers and dinner, duck’s rich taste and tender succulent meat have become more popular than ever before. We want you to consider our products that are perfectly suited for take-out, home meal prep and patios. Not only is duck a profitable alternative to normal menu fare, but many of our products are also fully cooked for convenience and ease of prep. Bonus: we’ve got great recipes.

You’ve got to try the duck!

King Cole Ducks


Locally owned. Uniquely Canadian

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