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Vij’s Restaurant


THE IDEA of moving Vij’s away from its cramped but beloved original HQ on West 11th and over to spiffy new expanded quarters on Cambie Street was met at first with a certain resistance.

But the old faithful, who had grown accustomed to milling about hungry and impatient in the standing-room holding bay of the bar and lounge of the original Vij’s, have come to appreciate the advantages of the new setting. The no-reservation policy is still in place, but increased seating capacity—from 60 to 85—has eased the wait. There is also a new, 40-seat lounge. And best of all, when the weather permits you can now eat at Vij’s al fresco on the rooftop patio, where the greenery is starting to fill in nicely.
Indoors, the new decor is now airy, modern and colourful—most notably the ceiling, which is made up of 6,000 predominantly orange chai cups. The food, happily, is much the same. Vij’s kitchen produces a Western palate-friendly take on Indian spicing and sauce enrichment (not just traditional ghee, but sometimes cream, too). But spicing is vibrant, and married to the finest-quality local ingredients. Think lamb popsicles (trimmed chops) with fenugreek curry, grilled sablefish in yogurt-tomato broth, Rajasthani stewed goat and other favourites. The wine list is varied and features more than a few bargains—say, a Krug NV at just $305 (when you tire of drinking the stuff with gougères, it’s definitely time to try it with naan).

Sunday to Thursday
5:30 PM until 10:00 PM

Friday to Saturday
5:30 PM until 10:30 PM

Photos: Courtesy of Vij’s

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