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Everybody must get canned wine

Pandemic park drinkers can finally enjoy some quality canned juice while toeing the line of the law this summer. Some police officers have indicated they will look the other way as long as outdoor revellers comport themselves appropriately. So, we’ve rounded up some of the better single-serve wines for you to take outside this second summer of Covid. Note that many are 250 ml servings, which is one-third of a bottle. Do get canned, but do it with discretion.
—Dick Snyder

Wildass Red
From Niagara’s Stratus winery, this blend of innumerable estate- grown red grapes is refreshing, light, yet remarkably complex. Also: Sauvignon Blanc and rosé.

Pelee Island Lola Sparkling Rosé
One of Ontario’s most popular mass-market sparklers in an attractive mini bottle. A tad sweet, so best served well chilled.

Ramona Wine Spritz Meyer Lemon
Classy Italian spritz made with mostly organic Zibibbo grapes. Crisply acidic, dry and spritzy. Easy to drink, so be careful. More flavours available.

Benjamin Bridge Pet Nat
One of Canada’s most palatable pét-nats, hailing from Nova Scotia — and one that’s loved by discerning somms. It sells out every year, so act fast.

Benjamin Bridge Piquette
What next after pét-nat? Piquette, of course — made from the dregs of the winemaking process. And, in the hands of BB, quite delicious.

Rockway 9
Ontario’s golf-themed winery makes a lively, crisp rosé with restrained alcohol and fresh berry-citrus flavours.

Rosehall Run Pixie Petite Rosé Spritzer
The Pixie sparkler is one of the most delightful wines from Ontario’s Prince Edward County. This spritzer version is lighter and equally delicious.

Charles Baker Riesling
One of Niagara’s top Rieslings. Racy, fruity and minerally — the perfect park companion to all manner of takeout or salty snack.

Seaside Pearl Daffodils
An irresistible blend of Petite Milo and Viognier from this winery in B.C.’s Fraser Valley, Orange, peach and lime flavours in an off-dry delight.

Stel + Mar Rosé
Napa fruit in a can — and about time. Full and fruity rosé with tons of personality, made from Grenache and Syrah. Also red and white versions.

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