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Edulis restaurant
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Fans of Edulis might miss the cozy dining room and airy patio looking out at the CN Tower and the primo dog-walking turf due south of Toronto’s King West and (nouveau) Liberty Village neighbourhoods. But the Spanish-influenced cuisine offered by chef duo Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth, which regularly ranks in the Top 10 at C100B, is easily accessed via their Tock site, though the weekly offerings sell out quickly. Sourced from earnestly local-sustainable and eco-conscious producers like Northumberland County’s Tamarack Farms, their dishes are never short on invention, with every nod to the old country tempered by a little playfulness — and all of it summarized on Instagram. There’s always a good read and a nice photo — a little something to keep you entertained in case you miss the ordering window.

—Dick SnyderPhoto credit: Rick O’Brien

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