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Steakhouse takeout package
No. 52

Le Mousso-to-go

Finding the right formula for delivering the best of Le Mousso in a takeout box has been very challenging, says chef-owner Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, but he thinks he’s getting closer to the answer all the time. Customers want that ultra-creative New Nordic–inspired Le Mousso style, but “without having to wash a TONS of pots and pans.” As Mousseau-Rivard elaborates, it has to be enjoyable and easy to put together, but not too intellectual. The compromise must be delicious. So, a recent meal began with challah buns with a warm spread of sunchoke and old-cheddar dip, followed by crispy pork with burnt bread and black walnuts, and a dessert of chamomile-scented crème brûlée. Mousseau-Rivard may not be a fan of cooking for takeout, but plenty of his loyal customers are ordering and eating it with enthusiasm.

—Marie-Claude Lortie


The Christmas dinner my husband and I ordered from Le Mousso was a highlight of 2020. The quality of the ingredients, the packaging — everything was outstanding. It made a very unusual Christmas feel all right!”

—Caroline Leblanc, C100B Judge

Mousseau-Rivard’s design drawings for the Christmas menu
Photo Credit: Antonin Mousseau Rivard

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