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A sample Burdock CSA bag.
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Next level CSA

As with so many other restaurants of quality, Vancouver’s Burdock & Co. responded to Covid-19 with a fine take-away program that now runs the gamut, from multi-course meals well judged to travel well to grab-and-go finished dishes and meal kits packing great prepped product to make the finishing easy. But no part of the offer has provoked as much passionate loyalty as has Burdock’s weekly grocery bag.

“At the start of the pandemic, we were just trying to do things differently. It was spring, so our thoughts turned to local produce,” recounts chef and proprietor Andrea Carlson.

In particular, thoughts turned to her own suppliers and the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) grocery bags packaged at her affiliated greengrocer Harvest. Soon enough, the 40 bags a week became — at its peak — 400 a week. And many a supplier whose business was alarmingly deflated by Covid suddenly had cause to soldier on.


I have been driving 45 minutes across the city every Wednesday since March to pick up what is ‘in season,’ local and fresh. It not only has been educational on local produce but has made me a better and more inventive cook.”

Photo credit: Leila Kwok

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