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Beauty’s kalbi-style pork shoulder
No. 78

Gourmet groceries to go

Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality is now in the grocery business. The Toronto-based restaurant group has teamed up with Voilà by Sobeys, a grocery delivery service launched last year by the Sobeys mothership, Empire Company. Original offerings showcased dishes like Leña Restaurante’s piri piri chicken, Bannock’s tourtière and Maison Selby’s french onion soup. Recent additions include Babel’s beef shawarma pot roast and Jump’s roasted maitake mushroom soup. Pre-cooked and packed by chefs in Farm Boy’s kitchens (also part of the Empire family), the meals are delivered frozen in ready-to-reheat packaging. “Throughout the pandemic, we have all been craving simple comforts and slivers of normalcy,” says O&B corporate executive chef Anthony Walsh. “While you can never recreate the magic of a restaurant like Babel or Liberty Commons at home, these dishes deliver a taste of that killer chef-driven dining experience.”
—Doug WallacePhoto Credit: Amy Teggart

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