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Our Daily Sushi

Toronto fish and seafood wholesale distributor Daily Seafood sells a direct-to-customer make-at-home sushi kit called Sushi Master. It contains saku salmon (a precision-cut block of the loin, perfect for slicing), yellowfin tuna, hiramasa (kingfish), otoro (tuna belly), along with ikura (salmon caviar), gari (pickled ginger), nori and wasabi. For a modest fee, you can add a tray of Boston uni. When this item launched in February, Daily Seafood provided a link to a live online tutorial with a sushi chef. If you missed the lesson but still fancy the fish, no problem. Here’s the best thing to do. Prepare a pot of sushi rice, season it and set aside, draped with a moist towel and covered. Slice fish against the grain, about 0.5 cm thick. Cut each slice in half, lengthwise, to make bâtonnets. Arrange on a serving board with ikura, gari, wasabi and shoyu. Waft each sheet of nori over heat until crisp, slice into four and arrange in a stack. Then invite guests to gather around. “Everybody is going to make small hand rolls with everything,” explains Skippa itamae (and C100B sushi advisor) Ian Robinson. “The rice stays warm, the nori is nice and crispy, and everyone gets the exact bite that they want. Every sushi chef does this at home.” And us too, now.
—StaffPhoto Credit: Jacob Richler

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