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A Repour cork at work
No. 86

Uncork This

We do not advocate crying over spilled milk — but fine wine, that’s a different story. Fortunately, innovator Tom Lutz, who has a PhD in chemistry, feels the same way. Or at least he used to until one day, a few years back, upon detecting that, yet again, unpalatable oxidation had afflicted a previously stellar bottle of wine he had opened and re-corked a few days earlier. Pouring the wine down the drain, he thought to himself, Enough! One epiphany and a whole lot of research and experimentation later, Lutz launched Repour, a high-tech but cheap and disposable cork made of recycled plastic and filled with a secret compound that scoffs at oxygen like Californian Joey Chestnut sucks back hot dogs. For about 1/100th of the cost of a Coravin system, each disposable Repour will keep an open bottle of vino oxygen-free and good-as-freshly-opened for two whole months (or six weeks if you open that bottle repeatedly to consume its contents one glass at a time). Originally developed for restaurants and the wine industry, Repour corks are now available to consumers at last. Keep them on hand — say, at the cottage for your next visit or perhaps to deter over-indulged dinner guests prone to finishing the evening by helping themselves to wine in bottles left on the table.
—StaffPhoto Credit: Repour

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