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Käsespätzle (spätzle, cheese and crispy onions).
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What’s old is new again

“We sat down and said, ‘Let’s make German food cool.’

”Top Chef Canada finalist Nathan Guggenheimer and his team did just that when he took over the 22-year-old Old Black Forest Restaurant in Lunenburg, N.S. The new Old Black Forest still serves schnitzel and sausages, maultaschen and käsespätzle — but with a twist. “We wanted to bring it into the 21st century,” says Guggenheimer, aka Chef Googs.

Along with partners Vincent Van De Brank and Peter Weunsch of Breakhouse, chef Silvio Schatz, sous-chef Dylan Dearing, manager Samantha Adams and social media manager Lisa Leschorn-Schatz, Chef Googs has been navigating a restaurant refresh during the pandemic with the help of a $24,000 Kickstarter injection. “All the local businesses showed their generosity and support,” he says.

The team have their fingers in many pies, which now include the launch of Brave, their new seltzer brand. Coffee is also on the beverage horizon. “My family has a coffee company in Germany, so I’m bringing Guggenheimer Coffee to North America.”

But right now, they have a beer garden to build.

—Doug WallacePhoto credit: Lisa Leschhorn

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