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The well-travelled cheesecake

Anyone feeling down about their carbon footprint should take note that after extensive testing, we have irrefutably proven that nothing out there that fits on a fork is guaranteed to lift you out of the doldrums and propel you into radiant happiness quite so swiftly as LeTao’s fromage double, which each week is flown 10,000 kilometres from its birthplace in the Japanese harbour city of Otaru just to cheer up a few discerning torontonians. This cheesecake is made with top-quality Italian-sourced mascarpone in place of the conventional cream cheese. one layer of frothy, light unbaked cheesecake sits atop another, then is baked to a sublime state of richness — all of it dusted with castella spongecake crumb. the package of bliss is available exclusively for home delivery from and, as an add-on to a takeout order, from


Photo credit: Jacob Richler

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