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Maple Syrup Season 2016

CONTEST CLOSED – Maple Syrup Season 2016

For people around the world, maple syrup is synonymous with Canada. We export our syrup to 50 countries and produce millions of pounds annually. Who doesn't love it - especially now that we know it has similar health benefits to…


Magic Mushrooms: MushLume Lighting Collection

Brooklyn designer Danielle Trofe’s pretty MushLume lamp is made from biodegradable mushroom material. The MushLume lighting collection is grown, not manufactured, from mushrooms:  mushroom mycelium to be specific.  When combined with agricultural byproducts, she creates a beautiful organic, sustainable and…

Taste Of Italy

Taste of Italy

Italian Wines were the big draw last week at Taste of Italy's Tre Bicchieri Wine Tasting. The enthusiastic and good looking crowd savoured the 100+ wines with the coveted Tre Bicchieri award from Gambero Rosso, Italy’s most influential wine guide.…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Us Hungry

The epitome of a good year: superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Champions League with Real Madrid and been named the world's highest-paid athlete in the world as well. Forbes estimates that Portugal captain Ronaldo, who will be one…

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day

According to the World Economic Forum:  "There will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050 if we continue on the path we are on." Welcome to World Oceans Day 2016. With recent headlines confirming the catastrophic state of…


Bottarga Tastes Like Summer

Bottarga is summer on a plate.  More specifically, summer on the hot, fragrant Mediterranean where it's been a briny, brightening cooking staple for thousands of years. For the uninitiated:  Bottarga is a dense cured fish roe made from tuna, gray…

Krispy Kreme

The Return of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is staging a Canadian comeback. After their initial rollout failed 11 years ago,  the iconic American doughnut chain has just opened a new location in Toronto. This time in Toronto's cooler-than-cool Kensington Market, at the corner of Spadina…



Earlier this week, the 150-year-old super conglomerate Nestlé announced that they’re launching a global platform called Henri@Nestlé as part of a strategic initiative to foster innovation, technological development, and entrepreneurial enterprise. The campaign looks promising, but it’s in no way…

Food Stories

The British Library Tells Food Stories

The British Library has discarded their “no food or drink allowed” policy to design Food Stories. Food Stories is an interactive online program intended to educate students on food, culture, and history. The platform showcases the developments that have taken…

Grapeless Wine

Grapeless Wine

“We can turn water into wine in 15 minutes"  claims the Ava Winery, a San Francisco start-up that is making synthetic, grapeless wine by combining flavour compounds and ethanol. Aside from the obvious question of "why?"  this tale of two…

Waterfront Artisan Market

Waterfront Artisan Market

The Waterfront Artisan Market offers city-dwellers an excellent option for whiling away a  summer afternoon. This open-air showcase for an eclectic mix of artisans, crafters, chefs, and bakers.  With more than twenty food vendors offering a wide-range of dishes, the…

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