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No. 10: The Woodcutter’s Blanket

“I always have a great time at The Woodcutter’s Blanket sipping on a whisky cocktail and enjoying some oysters.” — Dave Mitton, Canadian whisky ambassador Housed in a refurbished log cabin built in 1938, and often called “the moose” (referring to the…

Gift Shop At Ossington

No. 11: Gift Shop at Ossington

Buried at the back of a nondescript barbershop, Gift Shop at Ossington offers an unforgettable cocktail experience in the heart of downtown Toronto. The modest, 18-seat bar occupies a former art studio—with raw walls and scuffed paint to prove it.…

No. 12: Atwater Cocktail Club

The Atwater Cocktail Club will have you thinking you’ve stepped into a speakeasy. With non-traditional cocktails and signature sharing plates, this bar lands at no.12 on our Canada’s Best Bar List

Filled with sleek 1950s decor, raucous energy and boozy custom libations, this back-alley cocktail bar in the heart of Montreal’s Saint-Henri neighbourhood has something for everyone. Forget traditional stemware; the bar’s most celebrated drinks come in unconventional containers. The famous Kung-Fu Panda is presented in a playful black-and-white, panda-shaped cocktail mug. There is also a tantalizing selection of sharing plates to nibble at, including the bar’s signature black truffle pasta, which is prepared by sister restaurant Foiegwa.

No. 13: Prohibition

If you’re looking for live music, cocktails that reflect your mood and caviar, then Prohibition is the bar for you.

This underground hotel bar opened just three years ago, but with much of the vintage charm and character intact from its earlier incarnation as the glamorous Chameleon Bar, which opened in 1927. Now—like then—the room is a known gathering spot for Hollywood royalty, visiting dignitaries and the city’s cultural elite. Head bartender Robyn Gray creates cocktails based on moods, from festive to opulent to eccentric. Meanwhile, the signature absinthe tasting features quality absinthe from France, California and the Okanagan Valley

No. 14: Soif Bar à vin

Soif Bar à vin in Gatineau is a treasure for any wine lover.

Soif means thirst, and thirsty is how you should arrive at this elegant wine bar, but never how you leave. The rich, Eurocentric wine list is curated by owner and celebrated sommelier Véronique Rivest, who has won the title of Canada’s Best Sommelier twice and once placed second in the World’s Best Sommelier battle in Tokyo. Rivest’s signature Spotlight on Women wine flight highlights female winemakers from Alsace to Sicily. A charming backyard patio provides the perfect destination to linger over a wine flight on a balmy summer afternoon

No. 15: Cold Tea

Cold Tea is one of Toronto’s best hidden gems. Nestled in the heart of Kensington Market, it offers a twist on a classic tradition.

At Cold Tea, prismatic LED lights play off gleaming white tiles, the hip-hop is just loud enough, and patrons are made to feel at home where their preferred tipple is a Rob Roy or Rolling Rock. The bar is named after the infamous after-last-call tradition in Toronto’s Chinatown, wherein ad order of “cold tea” is known to get you a teapot filled with beer. While the bar does not serve beer teapots, they do serve a perfect margarita, finished with a sprinkle of sea salt deposited directly into the glass.

Luciano Monosilio’s Perfect Carbonara

If you make Luciano Monosillo's  recipe you'll understand why he's nicknamed the King of Carbonara. His signature dish combines silky spaghetti with a perfectly creamy (when done right) egg yolk sauce featuring guanciale, DOP Parmigiano and pecorino with generous amounts of black pepper.…

Cookie Social

Not Your Mother’s Cookie Social

Toronto's Roselle Desserts has put together the Cookie Social of your dreams - and for a good cause too. On Monday, November 26   The Artisan Factory will host a charity cookie social that brings together 19 of Toronto's top…

Best Of The City Dinner Series

Best of the City Dinner Series

PRESENTED BY Scotia Wealth Management’s Best of the City showcased Canada’s best with a national dinner series at some of our finest restaurants. The chefs from Cioppino’s, Biera, Atelier, La Banane and Toque! wowed the guests with their bespoke menus…

Is Vegan the New Normal?

Happy World Vegan Day. If that doesn't mean anything to you today, we guarantee it will very soon.   Veganism is on the rise around the world:  7% of  Great Britain identifies as vegan. In the U.S. in 2014 only…

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