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No. 34: Au Pied De Cochon

No. 34: Au Pied de Cochon


Martin Picard’s cult restaurant continues to awe crowds with the same unapologetically gluttonous menu items that made its reputation—like foie gras poutine and duck in a can.

But this does not mean you should not try the bone marrow with (lots of) caviar, the catch of the day (sometimes Bluefin tuna line-caught in Gaspé) or at least sample the experience with a drink at the lively bar, with a few small snacks—such as the foie gras cromesquis, or perhaps some tarragon pickled deer tongue.

Otherwise, have the namesake stuffed pigs trotter, which is enormous, packed with cubed foie gras and plated with a ladle full of pommes purée. It can serve an entire family.

On a more refined note, Picard also makes excellent boudin noir—thickened with chestnut flour, presumably inspired by the boudins of Auvergne. The wine list is solid. The evening cannot help but be memorable.


Wednesday to Sunday
5:00 PM until 12:00 AM

Au Pied de Cochon

Extremely well composed, rustic cuisine. – JOSH JOSEPHSON

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