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No. 40: Hotel Herman

No. 40: Hotel Herman


Located in the Mile End, where hipsters share the neighbourhood with Hassidims—just like they do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn— Hotel Herman is a not a hotel at all, but rather a restaurant loved by the local tattooed and long-bearded crowd.

It’s where the nocturnal Mile End crowd can hang out and listen to vinyl records—because, of course, there is a turntable near the entrance. And did we mention that there are plenty of natural wines on the menu? But, beyond other hipster classics like the wooden panels and the central bar with metal chair, Hotel Herman is really a wonderful restaurant.

The small plates-focused cuisine is delightfully simple, yet sophisticated too, influenced by the current vegetable and modest ingredient inspired contemporary northern European cooking. You see it in beautifully presented dishes like potatoes with buttermilk and green elderberries or beets with hay and juniper berries.


Monday, Wednesday to Sunday
5:00 PM until 12:00 AM

Hotel Herman
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