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No. 44: Shōtō

Even for a Michelin-starred New York chef with an expanding restaurant empire on his mind, David Chang thinks big. When one Canadian outpost proved enough for his colleague Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and when Daniel Boulud went with a bolder initial assault of two—and failed—Chang decided that the right way to take on our market was to open four new restaurants simultaneously. All are at the same address—and Shōtō is the showpiece. It was conceived to match the ambitious culinary heights of his best NYC restaurant, Ko. And just like its model, it is a tiny restaurant, with only bar seating, facing inwards to better observe the chefs at work. The food they create there is intricate, technically dazzling and highly original. The range is huge. From goose wonton with Brussels sprouts to grilled compressed rice with pork fat to fresh noodles with nori, roe and diced sardine tempura, and veal cheek with Szechuan peppercorns and shishito peppers. Ten courses make for a dazzling journey.

190 University Ave,
Toronto, ON M5H 0A3



Tuesday to Saturday
For Dinner



Mitchell Bates

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