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Burdock & Co Fried Chicken & Pickles

Burdock & Co’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Pickles Recipe

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Pickles Recipe from Burdock & Co We can't think of a better way to mark International Women's Day than with a recipe from one of Canada's most talked-about chefs, Burdock & Co's Andrea Carlson. We're sharing…

Mushroom Sate Broth

Chanthy Yen’s 5 Spice Mushroom Sate Broth

If you are looking for a dish to liven your taste buds while keeping you warm this winter, this 5 spice mushroom sate broth is it! You will find this broth bursting with aromatic spices, singing with lemongrass from the…

Spicy Porchetta

Chef Alex Chen’s Spicy Porchetta

This is not a traditional porchetta. It’s my take. First, since anything that involves pork belly and crackling reminds me of Chinese barbecue-style crispy pork, I use that same method here to puff the skin. Second, since the belly has…

Jerk Chicken

Chef Paul Toussaint’s Haitian Jerk Chicken

All the Caribbean islands use the same spice base. If you’re English, in Jamaica, you call it jerk. If you’re French like me from Haiti—or Martinique or Guadeloupe—you call it épis. And in Latin America, they call it sofrito. There’s…

Pineapple Jerky Recipe

Chef Chanthy Yen’s Umami-rich Pineapple Jerky

My time in Montreal gave me the opportunity to experiment with essential flavours that make this city so special. As a person who struggles to consume meat every day, I thought it was time we make some plant focused snacks…

Baked Squash

Ari Schor’s Twice-Baked Squash

MY MOM WAS ALWAYS KEEN ON FINDING NEW WAYS TO FEED HER KIDS VEGETABLES. Since we lived in Ushuaia, Argentina—the southernmost city in the world—she relied heavily on vegetables shipped from northern provinces. Squash travelled well, so it became a staple…

Sicilian Minestrone With Tenerumi

Sicilian Minestrone With Tenerumi

Autumn soups are the best. This one is basically a Sicilian minestrone, with tomatoes and Sicilian greens. Tenerumi are the tender leaves and tendrils of the cucuzza vine. If you can find cucuzza at the market, great. If not, use…


Chef Douglas King’s Colcannon

Meal-prepping for my young daughter, Roísín, has made me nostalgic for my mother’s kitchen back in Bantry, West Cork. Her excellent colcannon was a staple at the family table—usually served with pork sausages and a side plate of soft butter.…

Ricotta Recipe

Olive & Gourmando’s Fresh Ricotta Recipe

Cheese is a transformative ingredient - providing comfort and serving up a complex mix of flavours. I love the saltiness and the acidity. It can add such an interesting dimension to any dish. We use a really nice 3% milk…

Seasonal Salad

Ryan Hotchkiss’ Fennel, Celery Root and Pear Salad

I LOVE USING INGREDIENTS THAT ARE ON THE CUSP OF TWO SEASONS In this dish, the pears and fennel represent the last of fall’s sweet flavours. Celery root is the first of the year’s winter vegetables—at my favourite time to…

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