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Now is the Time to Savour Ontario

For many of us right now, cooking dinner is the highlight of our day. The pandemic has forced us to look at what we eat, how we buy our food and our own cooking skills. Think about it - has…

The Herradura Margarita

Swim against the tide on National Margarita Day with La Ciudad. Featuring Ancho Chili Liqueur and Chocolate Bitters, it deserves a place on your favourite tequila cocktails list.

Amber Bruce’s Boulevardier Cocktail

I was originally taught a 1:1:1 ratio, but it always seemed a little off to me. The whisky would get lost, and the balance was off. So I rejigged it to be heavier on the whisky while relaxing the Campari and…

The Black Diamond

Introduced to me by one of my mentors, Robin Goodfellow, this is an oldie but a goodie. It represents the very close relationship I have with cocktails that are simplistic in ingredients yet complex in flavour. I’ve always admired forgotten classics…

Annie Brace-Lavoie’s Scallop Crudo

EVERY SUMMER WHEN I WAS YOUNG, my family would drive from Montreal to Cape Cod for a weeklong vacation. Those trips were my introduction to fresh seafood, and I fell in love, instantly. My mother encouraged us to try everything…

Dale Mackay’s Saskatchewan Perogies

Growing up in Saskatchewan I had a lot of friends of Ukrainian background, like my best friend, Christian, whose family regularly invited me over for dinner—even for holiday meals. I got to understand Ukrainian food quite well. The best thing was…

Jonathan Gushue’s Crippled Lobster Linguini

Crippled lobster is a term used by fishmongers in the U.K. to signify lobsters that have been injured in a fight and are missing a leg or a claw. They taste the same but sell at a cut price. My…

Peking Duck Burgers

Take the flavours of everyone’s favourite duck dish and reconfigure them in the form of the world’s most universally popular meal.
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