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Ontario Pork

According to Hamilton butcher Jamie Waldron, you shouldn't give up the grill just because the weather is cooler.  To prove it,  he's got three simple ideas to help you get the best out of Ontario pork no matter what the…

Luciano Monosilio’s Perfect Carbonara

If you make Luciano Monosillo's  recipe you'll understand why he's nicknamed the King of Carbonara. His signature dish combines silky spaghetti with a perfectly creamy (when done right) egg yolk sauce featuring guanciale, DOP Parmigiano and pecorino with generous amounts of black pepper.…

Razor Clams, Fregola & Sea Urchin Bottarga

Razor Clams, Fregola & Sea Urchin Bottarga

A few years ago in Sardinia, I had this dish of fregola con arselle that blew my mind. It’s a soup with regional, handmade semolina pasta and a particular local clam that you can’t find here. But as I ate…

Tonton Rémi

Tonton Rémi

The Tonton Rémi combines aromatic Calvados, gin and lemon with a subtle brown butter-roasted butternut squash syrup to deliver the true taste of fall in Québec.


Goatober is a month-long celebration for a cause that puts goat meat on the menu at restaurants around the world. Launched in 2011, by Heritage Foods' Patrick Martins, Goatober was developed to put the unwanted billy goats being euthanized at…

Antonella Ricci

Antonella Ricci’s Burnt Wheatberry Cavatelli

Antonella Ricci's burnt wheatberry cavatelli is more than just a simple pasta dish. Chef Ricci blends ingredients and techniques from across Italy's 20 Regions for a supremely authentic take on Italian. Her artfully composed dishes make the most of texture, flavour…

Cacao Barry Chocolate Pie

Summer doesn't have to be all about fruit pies.   The chocolate geniuses at Cacao Barry have put together this dream of a chocolate pie featuring three different chocolates from their incredible selection:  ALUNGA™ is slightly sweet milk chocolate with a…

Nuit Regular’s Gra Prow Burger

Gra Prow Burger from Nuit Regular, owner of Pai Northern Thai Kitchen and Kiin in Toronto Fresh from the kitchen of Kiin and Pai Northern Thai Kitchen comes a sizzling new recipe by Chef Nuit. With the harnessed hot bite of…

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