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This traditional Turkish dish often features scrambled eggs, but here we feature eggs that are gently poached in the vegetable-loaded tomato sauce.
Hong Kong Lobster

Hong Kong Lobster

Lobsters 2 lobsters of 1kg (2 lbs) each Court-bouillon or salted water Sake Custard 5 eggs whites 125mL (1/2 cup) milk 1 Tbsp lemon juice 3g (1/2 tsp) cornstarch

Oeufs Lisa

This for me is the ultimate egg dish for brunch in bed à deux. If you are disinclined to spring for the caviar you should provide some other salty counterpoint to the sweet, butter-poached lobster. A layer of oven-crisped paper…

Chinese New Year Soup

Nick Liu’s Chinese New Year Soup

After a big Chinese New Year, noodle soup is something we eat the next day in the morning. After a week of celebration, you’re going to need some broth and noodles at some point. You’re going to be hungover from…

Todd Perrin

Todd Perrin’s Traditional Newfoundland Pudding

According to chef Todd Perrin, what most people eat on Thanksgiving or Christmas, a lot of Newfoundlanders will have every Sunday. Figgy duff is just what you make when you have a bunch of family and friends over. It’s a…

Spiced Brandied Apple

Festive Spirits: Spiced Brandied Apple

It doesn't get any more festive than this holiday-perfect cocktail from BarChef's Frankie Solarik. In our dreams, we're enjoying his Spiced Brandied Apple cocktail while sitting beside a fire on a snowy afternoon.  That said, we'd be happy to sip…

Michael Hunter’s Baby Squid & Zucchini with Amalfi Lemon

In chef Michael Hunter’s recipe, baby squid, one of the mainstays of Venetian cuisine—along with baby octopus—is prepared with two other quintessentially Italian ingredients. Baby Squid and Zucchini with Amalfi Lemon From Antler Chef Michael Hunter INGREDIENTS 500 grams baby…

Vikram Vij’s Gelouti Kebabs

I grew up in Old Delhi, where the Muslims lived, and the street vendors would make these kebabs during Diwali. Even though the Festival of Lights was a celebration of prosperity, my father never believed in spending money on frivolous…

Holiday Cocktails

Holiday Cocktails: Paul Brans’ Flor de Mina

Holiday cocktails for celebrating, to get up and go, and for feeling better about having done so the next day. The first in our recipe series of five unique holiday cocktails from three of Canada's best bartenders at Leña, BarChef and…

Risotto Acquerello

Risotto Acquerello “Bianco e Nero” with Sauteed Calamari

Cioppino's is on Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list for a reason. No other restaurant in Vancouver delivers luxurious Italian dining.  Witness this incredible recipe that's the ultimate elegant comfort food. Cioppino’s Risotto Acquerello “Bianco e Nero” with Sauteed Calamari Ingredients:…

Caponata Recipe

Classic Caponata

Caponata is a classic of Sicilian cuisine. Essentially a vegetable stew, it can be enjoyed after a day or two with meat, spread on crusty farmhouse bread hot from the oven, or with cheese for an informal supper.  Throw in…

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