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Tarte au Sucre

This Tarte au Sucre recipe from St Lawrence chef Jean Christophe Poirier is sweet, rich and decadent, and will blow you away.

Peking Duck Burgers

Take the flavours of everyone’s favourite duck dish and reconfigure them in the form of the world’s most universally popular meal.

Four Cocktails to Get Your Party Started

There's something for every taste here. 50 Shades of Romeo’s Recipe: 1 ½oz Romeo's Gin ½oz rhubarb syrup (Prosyro) ½oz lemon juice (Anti Vice) 1 dash of cucumber bitters (Ms Betters Bitters) 1 dash of celery bitters (Bittered Sling) 1…

Honey and Vinegar

THIS IS QUICK, SUPER EASY, INCREDIBLY VERSATILE—and delicious. A quality vinegar, with its acidity softened, mixed with good liquid honey makes a great sauce for dressing cheese (like fresh burrata or ricotta, or hard cheeses) or foie gras (both pan-seared…

Summer Cocktails from Canada’s Best Bartenders

Is there a better way to kick off a long weekend then armed with a fresh list of something-for-everyone cocktails?  Make Canada Day special with these 5 cocktails from Canada's Best Bartenders. The Royal Blood Aidan Lavoie-Whittall The Coldroom, Montreal…

Spicy Baked Eggs

You have to start this the day before, but it’s so easy that there is no exact recipe. Make the tomato sauce as spicy as you like, but the eggs must be nice and soft and jiggly. It’s so simple,…

Campfire Marshmallow Shooters

WE SERVED THIS AT THE RESTAURANT A FEW YEARS BACK, warmed, in a shot glass, as part of a special 25-course New Year’s Eve menu. I came up with this idea simply because I wanted to create a familiar flavour…

With knives in it

Milk Meets Coconut rum in this easily assembled cocktail inspired by the drink of choice at the Korova Milk Bar in Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange.

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