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Beyond The Plate: Derek Dammann Rolls With It

Beyond the Plate: Derek Dammann Rolls with It

Chef Derek Dammann is a much-loved stalwart of the Montreal food scene.   His gastropub Maison Publique is fun and hospitable with a serious, disciplined kitchen, which is to say that it…

Cayman Cookout:  Food, Sun And Politics

Cayman Cookout: Food, Sun and Politics

HUNGER IS NOT A PROBLEM GENERALLY ASSOCIATED WITH THE CAYMAN COOKOUT. The exclusive culinary festival, which takes over the entire Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman resort for a week each January, is…

Five Minutes With Adrian Forte

Five Minutes with Adrian Forte

On Wednesday, August 26th, the recently re-opened Café Boulud in the Four Seasons Hotel hosts guest chef Adrian Forte for a collaboration dinner with CDC Nicholas Trosien. In support of…

Beyond The Plate: Paul Toussaint’s Kamuy

Beyond the Plate: Paul Toussaint’s Kamuy

Take a look at Chef Paul Toussaint (Agrikol, Time Out Market), and you'd never know that he's been working overtime to open a restaurant during the pandemic. His sunny smile…

Off The Beaten Track: La Cabane D’à Coté

Off the Beaten Track: La Cabane d’à Coté

After a two-hour, 60-km drive northeast from downtown Montreal to St-Benoit de Mirabel in pre-virus rush hour traffic, we spot the sign rising—just—out of the towering snowbank that flanked the…

A Letter From The Editor Jacob Richler

A Letter from the Editor Jacob Richler

Twenty years back, when I was the hard-eating restaurant critic at the National Post, I once wrote a review of a restaurant in Toronto’s Koreatown that somehow managed to go…

Beyond The Plate: Elena

Beyond the Plate: Elena

Montreal food series Beyond the Plate launches its new season with host Heidi Small checking-in at Elena. Chefs Ryan Gray and Janice Tiefenbach sit down to talk pizza, natural wine, digital cookbooks…

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