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Breville’s Pizzaiolo Revolutionizes Home Pizza Making

Neapolitan-style pizza, with its distinctive light, chewy crust and classic tomato and mozzarella topping, has ruled the pizza world for years.  Until now, traditional wood-fired brick ovens were the only way to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Enter Breville‘s new Pizzaiolo, a countertop oven that can produce an authentic Neapolitan pizza in your kitchen. In just two minutes.

The secret to the Pizzaiolo’s success is not just that it can reach a cooking temperature of 750 degrees F, but that its heating coil is designed to replicate the way a brick oven works. The Pizzaiolo’s Element IQ® System directs heat to where it’s needed to produce ideal conditions for several different types of pizza, using conductive, radiant and convective heat. A Neapolitan pizza requires brief, intense heat from the sides and underneath to allow it to puff up and char slightly without burning, creating those characteristic leopard- spotted crusts. And the Pizzaiolo delivers it.

Breville is launching the Pizzaiolo in Canada this spring with exclusive Masterclasses where consumers can learn how to make fantastic pizza themselves, hosted by noted pizza makers like Libretto’s Rocco Agostino and Nicli Antica’s Josh Gale and their expert staff. The classes will take place at pizza restaurants and at premium kitchen stores across the country, including Nella Cucina in Toronto, Cook Culture and Gourmet Warehouse in Vancouver, CA Paradis in Ottawa, Doyon Depres in Quebec, select Linen Chests and flagship Hudson’s Bay locations. The Breville team devised the class curriculum along with pizza consultant Michele Forgione, executive chef and co-owner of Pizza Gema in Montreal, who admits he was initially doubtful that the Pizzaiolo could produce a truly authentic Neapolitan pie.

“I couldn’t believe it was going to get hot enough,” Forgione says. “But the pizza came out perfect. I made another, and it was the same. And I thought, ‘Wow, there’s some serious engineering behind this little thing.’ I was convinced. It gave me the leopard spotting—exactly what I needed to see to compare it to my $25,000 ovens—and the crunch and that crisp, light, airy feel, in two minutes flat. It was extremely impressive.”

Consumers who purchase the Pizzaiolo will also have the option of ordering Forgione’s pizza dough to use in their new oven for ideal results.

“My dough has a starter, so it’s naturally fermented,” he says. “I’m going to teach you how to make your own in the Masterclasses. But if you don’t want to go to all that trouble and you buy the oven, you’ll have access to our dough.”

The Breville Pizzaiolo has a suggested retail price of $1,099.99.  Click the links to find out more about  Pizzaiolo and to join a Masterclass in your town.

Presented by: Breville

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