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Prince Edward Island’s Fall Flavours Festival

Prince Edward Island’s Fall Flavours Festival is a month-long culinary showcase of the best food & traditions the island has to offer.

The Fall Flavours Festival celebrates the best of land and sea – and there’s a lot to celebrate!  Along to help are acclaimed guest chefs (think Mark McEwen, Chuck Hughes, Lynn Crawford and Vikram Vij for starters) who will host unique culinary experiences that also offer an educational component, as well as a tasting and cooking opportunity.  Some events are small and intimate; others are crowd-sized – all will include the nice touch of adding a local host.

What’s on the menu? You can make like a local yourself and pick PEI’s famed potatoes, bring in  a lobster or go oyster harvesting.  Or feast on bar clams on the beach, then attend a brewmasters dinner hosted by PEI produced handcrafted beers. Participating local restaurants will feature menus created exclusively for the Fall Flavours Festival.

A culinary festival on an island whose primary industries are farming and fishing makes for incredible food experiences.  Prince Edward Island is justifiably famous for its lobster, oysters, mussels and potatoes, and the “field to table” concept is taken one step further when the lobster on your plate was recently harvested on the fishing boat at the dock outside your window.

Prince Edward’s Island’s Fall Flavours Festival runs now through October 6th. For more information, click here.


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