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Quebec’s Clear Spirits

Thanks to Quebec, clear spirits are returning to a bar near you.

Patriotic bartenders across the country are falling for terroir-driven gins and a vodka coming from Quebec. Here are some beautiful bottles we’re seeing on the shelf at more astute bars and restaurants, which we recommend for enjoying at home.


St. Laurent Gin

Small-batch, all-natural gin distilled in Rimouski, favoured by locally harvested seaweed, and other botanicals. $48


Ungava Canadian Premium Gin

Its colour comes from Arctic-sourced ingredients such as Labrador tea, cloudberry and rosehip. $35


Cirka Gin Sauvage

Distilled in Montreal using Quebec-grown grains and botanicals sourced from boreal forests. $46Pur Vodka

Founded in 2006, Pur is fresh-tasting and, well, pure… earning praise from ultra-premium vodka fans around the world. $44

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