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Ribeye Steak With Tomato Olive Chutney & Butter Sauce

Recipe courtesy of Jacob's Creek


Season a one-and-a-half- to two-inch rib eye steak with salt and pepper and grill to your preference.

Serve steak drizzled with seasoned butter and chutney on the side.


Cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives chutney:

  • 50 g Onion
  • 25 g French shallots
  • 10 mL Canola oil
  • 100 g Kalamata Olives
  • 200 g Cherry Tomatoes
  • 75 mL Maple Syrup
  • 50 mL Sherry Vinegar

Butter for meat:

  • 300 mL Olive Oil
  • 75 g Garlic
  • 9 g Salt
  • 9 g Sugar
  • 4 g Thyme
  • 300 g Butter

2 servings

Cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives chutney:

  1. Dice onions and shallots and sweat in canola oil until lightly coloured.
  2. Add maple syrup and reduce by half.
  3. Add vinegar and reduce until gastrique is nice and thick.
  4. Add tomatoes and olives, and reduce for another 5 to 10 minutes on medium heat or until texture is nice and thick. (Will thicken when cooled)

Butter for meat:

  1. Microwave all ingredients except the butter in microwave for two 5 minute intervals.
  2. Add to butter and combine.
Michael Vinitsky
Michael Vinitsky
Chef de Cuisine,
Restaurant Grinder

Montreal’s Michael Vinitsky learned his craft in places as disparate as the West Island’s Peche Peche Fish & Seafood market and a sprawling chateau near Clermont-Ferrand in central France. He worked at Martin Picard’s Cabane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon, and as a sous chef at Mis Trucos in Vancouver. He served as catering chef at Buonanotte Catering before moving on to Grinder, where he worked his way up from line cook to sous chef, and eventually to Chef de Cuisine.

Boucherie Grinder

The Boucherie Grinder strives to use the complete animal, from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. Master Butcher Charles Bizeul is a proponent of neo-butchery—which stresses traceable, natural and sustainable meat production—and was trained at Fleisher’s, the New York butcher shop where the movement began. The Boucherie is well diversified and specializes in meat aging.

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