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Even if you’re just not that into vegan, you may still fall for Rosalinda.  

Bar Raval chef and restaurateur Grant van Gameren’s vegan Mexican restaurant Rosalinda has opened with a bright and flavourful menu of Mexican favourites and fun culinary trompe l’oeil.  Snack on multi-grain chicharron (a slightly healthier take on deep-fried pork rind) or young coconut ceviche, then share a plate of chilaquiles rojos (aka the ultimate Mexican hangover breakfast made with kale, spinach, serrano crema, cashew queso and avocado instead of shredded chicken.

Mains are jackfruit pibil (the Yucatan classic of orange-marinated pork), a deliciously bright-tasting chickpea and beet tostada with pomegranate and sunflower, and Japanese eggplant with salsa macha, sikil pak, cashew crema, cilantro and pomegranate.  Diehard Mexican food aficionados know that vegan Mexican isn’t that unusual.  In central and Southern Mexico, plant-based dishes proliferate and  squash stews,  grilled nopales, tomatillo tacos, deep-fried squash blossoms, corn and bean dishes abound.

Sombreros off to co-chefs Kate Chomyshyn and Julio Guajardo (Quetzal) for introducing Toronto to vegan Mexican and Rosalinda.  

Rosalinda 133 Richmond St Toronto

Tel: 416-907-0650







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