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A Message from Canada’s 100 Best

Canada’s 100 Best would like to make it clear that we support Black Lives Matter and all the protesters making the case for racial justice the world over. We have spent the past few weeks putting together a plan that enables us to fulfil the challenge of backing this statement of support with meaningful action. To that end, we commit to establishing a more diverse and racially inclusive judging panel and editorial team, and broadening the scope of our culinary coverage. Our editorial balance will evolve to embrace a broader definition of the best restaurants in Canada. We will put all cuisines on an equal footing. We will also be sharpening the focus of our coverage of socially and environmentally progressive restaurants and affiliated businesses. To do all this properly we will need to add new diverse and articulate voices to our roster of contributors. We invite anyone interested in sharing theirs and their stories to write us at By working together, we can be a force for change. As part of our commitment, we’ve also made a donation to the Black Solidarity Fund via @canadahelps, which support charities across Canada focused on the advancement of Black Canadians. We’ve listened. We’re listening.

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