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Canada’s 100 Best Throws a Kitchen Party

andrea stewart kitchen kitchen shorts

Everyone loves a kitchen party, and ours was no exception. The excuse? Andrea Stewart’s new cookbook Recipe Shorts.

Recipe Shorts is the cookbook answer to our time-constrained world.  All of the Tweet-length recipes contain 140 characters are short and sweet (click the video below) and proof that using only a few ingredients can create delicious results.

The night featured chefs Donna Dooher, Nikko Jacinto and chef/author Stewart recreating recipes from the book while entertaining guests with banter and cooking tips using the latest Gaggenau appliances at Toronto’s Luxe Appliance Studio.

The menu included delicious Masala Orange Duck (click here for the incredible recipe) made with King Cole Ducks, tender beef from Canada Beef plus wine pairings supplied by Marc Anthony Wine and Spirits.

The scene stealer? Appetite-inducing Gin & Tonics made with premium dry Ungava.

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