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Ayden Kitchen & Bar: Fold & Fly Cocktail

Ayden Kitchen & Bar

Here’s a little slice of summer cocktail heaven from Ayden Kitchen & Bar in Saskatoon.

According to Owner/General Manager Christopher Cho, the Fold & Fly  is a play on the Paper Plane cocktail.  This refreshing summer cocktail (thank you lemon and chamomile) will please the masses – even those who don’t tend to drink Bourbon often. It’s a balanced cocktail that has just the right amount of acidity and sweetness.

Party hosts take note:  this recipe works well in a batched punch for summer parties.

Ayden Kitchen & Bar Fold & Fly

3/4oz Bulliet Bourbon
3/4oz Aperol
3/4oz Chamomile Syrup
3/4oz Lemon Juice
Amaro Montenegro Rinse

Glass: Coupe
Garnish: Lemon Peel

In a Boston shaker add the Bulliet Bourbon, Aperol, Lemon Juice and Chamomile Syrup. Add ice and shake vigorously. Add 1/4oz of Amaro Montenegro in a couple glass and swirl it around the glass. Discard the Amaro and double strain the cocktail into the coupe. With a lemon peel zest over top of the cocktail and rim the glassware with the zest.

Chamomile Syrup

– Add 1 cup of water to a pot
– Add 4 tea bags of chamomile tea into the pot
– Get to a boil
– Remove from heat and let steep for 15 mins.
– Remove the tea bags and add 1 cup of sugar
– Whisk and keep refrigerated

Ayden Kitchen & Bar
265 3rd Ave S.
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1M3
(306) 954-2590


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