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Cayman Sea Salt, Naturally

cayman sea salt

When it comes to sea salt, nature reigns supreme.  

To really understand the difference between table salt and natural sea salt, think of the contrast between refined white sugar and freshly-cut sugar cane. One is freshly cut from the plant and comes direct from nature, while the other is heavily processed and stripped of its elemental goodness.

Increasingly, chefs and home cooks are turning to ingredients that retain more of their original flavour and nutrients—honest, wholesome ingredients that will help their creations come to life. Perhaps that’s why more people have been turning to natural sea salt when it comes time to give their recipes some zing. Sea salt retains the trace minerals and nutrients that nature added, and because of that the taste difference is distinct.

The Cayman Islands is famous for having a beautiful and pristine coastline with no shortage of sunshine. But the beaches are also a source of another important natural resource—Cayman Sea Salt, made courtesy of mother nature. Cayman Sea Salt is 100 percent hand-produced all natural sea salt. It’s processed using solar evaporation in order to retain the full compliment of minerals and the delicate taste of the sea.

Cayman Sea Salt has become so popular that it is now available throughout Grand Cayman. Pick some up at supermarkets, gift shops, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, Marriott Beach Resort, and The Westin Grand Cayman. Guests of The Ritz-Carlton get to enjoy Cayman Sea Salt in the hotel’s two premier restaurants, Blue and Seven. Cayman Sea Salt is also served at the Brasserie, Westin Beach House and Rum Point.

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