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Cinco Jotas


Authentic jamón ibérico can only be made from purebred ibérico pigs that gorge on acorns while roaming wild in the ancient forests of the Iberian Peninsula. This acorn-rich diet helps give their meat a unique texture and flavour; nutty, fatty and rich. Cured as ham and properly aged, the results are without equal. Even so, Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham is among the very best to be found anywhere. You may eat it in innumerable excellent ways. Tradition suggests the accompaniment of pan cristal con tomate (crisp bread with tomato). Cooking with it can turn ordinary dishes of fresh peas, young favas, or eggs and potatoes and octopus into something spectacular. But our preferred approach is to savour it all by its glorious self, without distraction. In which case, eating with your fingers is encouraged.

Cinco Jotas ibérico ham is available through Arc Iberico Imports.

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