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Chefs and the City: David McMillan’s Montreal

David McMillan

David McMillan, the veteran chef and restaurateur behind Joe Beef and Vin Papillon, lets us in on his private city.

For late-night food and drink

Loïc just down the street from us and has a great vibe. L’Express is also a must and probably the spot we have frequented the most. Late night: os à moelle and croque monsieur with affordable wine.

For a glass of wine

Pullman was one of the first natural wine bars to open over a decade ago, and we keep going often for new discoveries. They are wonderful friends, and their list is always exciting. The owner is a partner in the revolutionary Quebec winery Pinard et filles.

For a change of pace and a little exercise

A bike ride along the Lachine Canal from Joe Beef to Dorval on an Opus bike! Most beautiful ride in the city!

We love walking around the markets at Atwater or Jean Talon or snooping around the cafés in Little Italy.

For an easy jaunt out of town

A little drive to Greensboro, Vt., always does us city folk a world of good, and with a fresh pint of Hill Farmstead brew as a reward, it’s a wonderful weekend getaway.

Where to impress jaundiced out-of- towners

The restaurant when you want to blow someone’s mind is Au Pied de Cochon, one of the greatest restaurants on planet Earth! Martin Picard and his team defy all logic. And for any out- of-towner, we love blowing people’s socks off by bringing them to an evening of excess at the Sugar Shack!

Where to pick up food for a fight out of YUL

We’d drive past the airport 15 minutes and pick up a smoked meat sandwich at Pete’s. You can’t beat Pete’s meat!

Where to eat before the game

Always Nora Gray. It’s a short walk from the Bell Centre, and the bar is a great spot to eat a bowl of fresh pasta and have a glass of great wine.

The food Montreal does best

The classic French restaurant. Montreal is filled with great classics.

What it could do better

We are far from Mexico and South America. We are lacking in those flavours/cultures, but our proximity to Europe makes up for it and we have great Spanish spots.

Biggest local culinary asset

The incredibly educated dining population of Quebec. We are so lucky. People here love to eat and drink!

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