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Bienvenue à Toronto, Dreyfus


Torontonians who love a great French bistro finally got something local to celebrate this summer with the opening of Dreyfus.

The kitchen at Dreyfus is helmed by long-time Joe Beef CDC Zach Kolomeir. His bistro hits all the best authentic notes. The room is small, intimate and comfortable, the service casual but knowledgeable, and prices are modest.

Most importantly the food is emphatically French but free of clichés. Expect Quebec lobster with a barigoule of delicate young artichokes, crisp and succulent guinea hen with girolles, and classics like oeuf mayonnaise, smartly updated and executed with rock-solid technique. The short wine list is as smartly curated as the menu.

Bienvenue à Toronto, Dreyfus. And thanks for coming

Photos: Dreyfus Instagram

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