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This Electric Fork Makes Mealtime Salty

electric fork

We all know that too much salt isn’t great for us.

With the help of this new Japanese electric fork, you can make your food taste salty – without touching your salt shaker.

The electric fork, developed at Rekimoto Lab at the University of Tokyo, generates salty flavour by stimulating the tongue with electricity.  A major perk for people with high blood pressure, the fork, has electrodes that form an electrical current when food, tongue, and fork come into contact, providing a healthy salted-food experience.  In 3 settings, no less.

This is no gimmick:  Nakamura’s research has shown that ten out of eleven people found their food did taste saltier with the electric fork. To further prove the point, a  pop-up “No Salt Restaurant” in Tokyo offering a five-course salt-free menu was a huge hit.

If this all this sounds a little dangerous, no need to worry –  the current that powers the fork is a weak one. If you’re up for electrifying your dining experience,  the rechargeable electric fork will be showcased to the general public sometime this year.

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