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City Slickers Love Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are hot right now.

Search #farmhousesink on Instagram, and you’ll see 8,750 posts, many featuring the roomy sinks cradling masses of flowers or photogenic babies instead of dirty dishes.

What’s the allure? Aside from the good looks, the traditional farmhouse sink is much deeper than the stainless sinks we know.  Invented in pre-running water days, they were designed to hold lots of it. That depth also allowed housewives a level of comfort during long days spent prepping food, washing dishes, clothes and the odd baby or six.

If you love to cook, anything that makes the inevitable comedown of washing up easier will appeal, and farmhouse sinks are excellent for washing up big pots, large baking sheets and barbeque grills. That’s why modern cooks are excited about Blanco’s new line of farmhouse sinks.  These modern classics fit even the most compact urban settings and come in eight different models in a variety of materials, sizes, bowl configurations and colours.  Here’s a look at some of our favourites:

The popular BLANCO QUATRUS product line now has an apron front collection featuring family friendly designs with softer, rounded outside apron corners and easy to clean 15 mm radius inside corners. With three different models to choose from, this stainless steel collection is designed with both large and compact kitchens in mind.

The BLANCO IKON sink collection combines the popular apron front style with the beauty, strength and durability of our patented SILGRANIT material. It will not scratch or stain and is exceptionally easy to clean.This revolutionary collection now comes in two different sizes; our standard 30″ which is available in all seven SILGRANIT colours and a new, larger 33″ wide model.

The design of the new BLANCO PROFINA collection strives for a truly modern country experience with home chefs in mind. The new 36″ wide galley-style ceramic sink features a unique design including an inside sink ledge for holding accessories. Home chefs will love the functionality of this sink for prepping and cooking.

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