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Culinary Travel  | Fall 2015  | Destination Europe

Join a great Canadian chef on a culinary pilgrimage to the land that inspires him. Visit the best, little-known restaurants. Get the chef’s tour of all the places that matter. Learn the secrets that make great regional cuisines what they are. And learn the intricacies of great cooking, explained the best way possible — over dinner with the chef in some of the great small restaurants of Europe.




Rob Gentile, Buca

Rob Gentile’s Buca, Buca Yorkville, and Bar Buca are each listed among the Top 50 Restaurants in Canada. He is Canada’s Best Italian chef.

Emilia Romagna is the birthplace of prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano-Reggiano and ragu Bolognese. Its regional cuisine is the greatest and most influential in all of Italy.

Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to put the two together and savour Emilia Romagna Gentile’s way —accompanying a very small select group through the best restaurants in the region. Visit the producers that matter. Learn a trick or two at a great local cooking school. Come home enlightened (and fat).



Marc Thuet, Petite Thuet

Before opening Petite Thuet, his chain of boulangeries and traiteurs, chef Marc Thuet helmed some of Canada’s best restaurant kitchens —like at Thuet Cuisine, The Fifth and Centro. He is a fourth generation chef from Blodelsheim, Alsace.

Alsace is not just the land of game and foie gras. It has been called “the cellar, the granary, the orchard, the vineyard and the larder of all the neighbouring countries.”

Join Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants judge chef Marc Thuet for a trip home to his native Alsace. Dine at the Thuet family game restaurant in BlodelsheimChez Pierre — where Marc first picked up a wooden spoon at age four. Accompany chef Thuet on a hunting expedition for wild boar, and learn from a master how to turn it into dinner.



David Lee, Nota Bene

David Lee’s Nota Bene is ranked among the 10 best in Canada. Before moving here to work at Centro he worked in a legendary private Belgravia club called Mosimann’s. His culinary journey began an hour’s drive outside of townin his native Hertfordshire.

Everyone knows the great chefs and restaurants of London. As the quality of cooking in that great city has soared over the last two decades, so has that of the pubs and small restaurants in the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.

David Lee once served as a chef and hunter at Sandringham, where he helped to harvest and cook game for the Royal table. Accompany chef Lee for a tour of the neighbouring countryside, through the Cotswolds and its environs, with stops at legendary Michelin starred country pubs like the Kingham Plough.

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