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Beyond the Plate: Grumman ’78 is Good Food/Fun on Wheels

Grumman ‘78 debuted as Montreal’s first food truck in 2010 and instantly developed a fan-base with cult-like devotion.  

Owners Gaelle Cerf and Hilary McGown opened their bricks and mortar restaurant that same year in a former St-Henri garage with cuisine featuring New York-style Mexican dishes with a dash of inimitable Montreal flair.  The eclectic menu is the lovechild of that delicious mash-up. Chef Sébastien Harrison Cloutie serves up laid back, unfussy but multi-layered plates like the Papas G78, starring roasted potato, garlic, mayonnaise, Japanese parsley and cheese curds, a Taco Poblano with oyster mushroom, onion, cheese and mayo Russe and a Taco Pescado starring fried turbot taco, onion, garlic, and pineapple and parsley salad with a poblano and oyster mushroom rajas.

📷 Ezra Soiferman

Ten years in the industry is like dog years: you can multiply each year by 7. Factor a pandemic into that equation and you’ll understand why Grumman ’78 is so grateful to tech innovator Lightspeed. The ability to successfully pivot during the pandemic by offering take-out and e-commerce options from Lightspeed was invaluable.  

To find out more about Gruman ’78, check out Beyond the Plate’s Heidi Small and Gaelle Cerf and Hilary McGown as they look back at the evolution of their business, their passion for menu collaboration and how Lightspeed has helped them survive and flourish.

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