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Chefs and the City: Justin Leboe’s Calgary

Justin Leboe

Justin Leboe, the Vancouver-born chef behind Model Milk and Pigeonhole shares the routines and places that keep him happy in his adopted home town

Morning coffee

Monogram or Phil and Sebastian’s. Both are local shops that are heavily invested in their beans from the source to the cup. Slaves to their craft.

Late-night drinks

Ricardo’s Hideaway, Frenchie Wine Bar for good wine by the glass.

Escape by bike

Out of the city, about 15 minutes into the foothills is an area known as the Road to Nepal. You can ride anywhere from 35 km to well over a 100 and not get bored with the scenery. Highwood Pass is my favourite ride, and at 7,300 feet at the top, you really feel it.

And on foot

Or a walk in Bowmont Park or River Park.

Quiet contemplation

Who has that kind of time?

Best takeout to pack for a fight

Sandwiches from Sidewalk Citizen Bakeryamazing

Proof that Calgary is no longer Cowtown

Metrovino Fine Wines—no one has a more thorough or well-curated wine program than Richard Harvey.

Go-to spots

Oysters at National or Rodney’s. Late-night snacks at Anju or Una.

What he misses on the road

I travel a lot and always miss coffee at Monogram, 4814 16th St. S.W. in Altadore, with my dog, followed by the dog park at River Park, a block away.

Little-known local culinary asset

Vietnamese. It’s epic here…

Pet peeve

We need better networks to get products from the little farms to the restaurants, access to products that are produced here but sent directly out of province.

Food shopping

For bread, Sidewalk Citizen and Yann Haute Patisserie. The Farmers’ Market for meat. Fish from Billingsgate at Community Natural Foods. Vegetables from Blush Lane. Say Cheese at the Crossroads Market has a great selection.

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