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Chefs and the City: Kristian Eligh’s Vancouver

Kristian Eligh

Kristian Eligh, the former Hawksworth culinary director shares his favourite haunts and a few trade secrets


Morning’s are for Kafka’s. It’s in my hood, I avoid crowds (sometimes), and they serve one of the best Americanos in town.


Afternoon drinks at 33 Acres. A solid microbrewery with an amazing cider selection (33 acres of cid3r). Late night is Keefer—cocktails, burlesque, DJs and always debauchery.

The dinner to impress out-of-towners

Kinome — amazing Japanese food, casual, but incredibly well executed. Daily handmade soba.

Before or after the game

Juke—fried chicken and ribs lays a great foundation for the dirty lines pumping $10 beer at the game. Or, as your saving grace afterwards.

Vancouver culinary strength

Japanese is crushing it right now! Masayoshi, Maumi and the aforementioned Kinome are three world- class establishments.

My go-to shops

A Bread Affair for bread. Windsor Meats on Main for fresh and Oyama for cured. Vegetables from Farmer Markets / buy local produce (no joke!). For cheese, Les Amis de Fromage. And fish? I catch it.

Next big thing

Alex Hon. He’s the sous chef at West and just won the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship 2016. The kid can cook! I’m excited to see what he does next.

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