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The Coldroom

the coldroom

Good times, good cocktails and good people — that’s what The Coldroom, an intimate, 65-seat cocktail lounge, hidden underground in a former industrial cold room is all about.

The Coldroom, located in Montréal’s Old Port, was opened in 2016 by Kevin Demers, three-time winner of the Bombay Most Imaginative Bartender award and Montréal native.

The mysterious allure of this bar is what’s truly special — rather than listing an address for the place, the customers are left with “Those who don’t believe in cocktails will never find us #followtheduck.” This notion of “the duck”, as told by The Coldroom, dates back to the mid-60’s when the Montreal police were about to lose control of the city to corruption and street gangs. A small special unit titled the “Rubber Duck Squad” managed to reclaim the control of the streets with creative and innovative concepts. In the same sense, the Coldroom’s small and underrated bartending team is ready to take the Montréal nightlife by storm. 

Bartenders Daniel Boulianne and Pierre-Hughes Marois create simple yet compelling original libations that mimic the bar’s surroundings. The decor is minimal, yet the room’s original steel beams and brick walls—dating back to 1877—provide inimitable character and charm. “Ring the doorbell and within a minute you are greeted by a member of the world-class staff who escorts you downstairs into a dimly lit bar, decorated to perfection. No glitz and glamour, no ostentatious garnishes. Simply some of the best cocktails in Canada.” says Spencer Gooderham, Canadian Whisky Ambassador.

In typical speakeasy fashion The Coldroom offers guests a full set of house rules, covering everything from “The bartender is the boss” to “Who runs the world? Girls”. Not to worry gentleman, our only house rule is to try the Montreal Cocktail, you won’t be disappointed. 

The Coldroom is No. 3 on our inaugural Canada’s Best Bars list

The Coldroom Montréal